BERLINO – where to eat

BERLINO – where to eat

Berlin, one of my favorite cities. One I would come back to every single month or even week if possible. A place that’s surely underestimated regarding to its beauty and enjoyability, that it’s totally there and can be found in every little corner. You just have to explore it to fully understand. You can’t help but feel like you’ve been there for quite a time even though you have just got off of a plane and just started to wander through the streets.

During my weekend there I took the change to try some of the restaurants and cafés that since quite I while arose my curiosity. Luckily I loved all of them.



Dudu –  Torstrasse 134

Dudu is quite a famous place in Berlin if you want to eat some sushi or asian food. You can find a very cool and varied crowd from all over Berlin ( with some tourists too ) coming there. It is not super upscale but it’s cool and, if you decide to sit and enjoy your food on the outside patio you are surrounded by plants and flowers.. that’s always a plus. The internal room is equally nice but much more minimal.

Went for some rolls and salmon sashimi. Fresh and delicious, you won’t be disappointed.



Cecconi’s Berlin – Torstrasse 1

Red leather couches and armchairs, an amazing black and white marble floor with shiny chandeliers and dark wooden tables with minimal setting. Cecconi’s is probably one of my favorite spot in town regarding the design and vibes given.  It is located inside the Berlin Soho House that you probably all already know, a members-only club for people in the creative industries, that need a membership to be fully frequented but the restaurant, together with the SPA in this house in Berlin, does not need it.

Cecconi’s originated in Venice so it serves hand-made pasta, seafood, and a variety of dishes from Northern Italy. Also the cooks were all Italian, so next time I will surely try to eat directly on the counter that faces the open plan chicken.. just to have a little chat.




What Do You Fancy Love? – Linienstraße 41

Went there during a rainy Sunday morning. Me and my friend were literally the first clients they had for the morning so we were able to enjoy the colorful place peacefully while watching the Berliners dealing with their walks in the not so good weather. So, at the end, the fact that we were unable to have our cappucinos on their sidewalks tables may have been not a so negative note.




Where I would love to be right now!! 

Sonny is a cozy and welcoming café right in the center of Copenhagen. I’ve seen a lot of people posting about going there, so I was pretty curios to try it out… went there on a snowy morning and sat down in one of their comfy bench with check huge cushions. Ordered what can be considered as a typical danish breakfast, that consist in soft-boiled egg, rye bread, butter and cheese.. delish! Also went for a matcha Granola with yoghurt, apple compote and Aronia! All of this with a cappuccino that is always present during my breakfasts.

In the pics you can also see an espresso cake and sweet roiboos tea; all recommended.

Flowers and candles are everywhere in the place, so there’s a constant and relaxing hygge athmosphere there. It made me sit there enjoying my time. I get it why it is so well considered and popular, it is surely a place I will definitely spend more time once I’ll be back!



Every now and then is really nice to go out to eat some Mexican food, shrimps tacos and fajitas were on the menu for our dinner out. Those are my go-to every time I crave this type of food. As you can see I went for a margarita as a cocktail to go with the two courses, even tough the strawberry one was a lot better, so next time I think I’ll go for that one instead! The restaurant is really cozy and nice, always have a nice time there; furthermore is really close to home so that’s totally a plus. After that just went home to relax a bit and get ready for the next full day at work!



Hamburg meine Perle, Du wunderschöne Stadt!”

Germany has been, for a long time now, one of the countries I love to visit the most, from their little villages in the south to their amazing, cosmopolitan and full of treasures capital that’s Berlin. Going there is always a pleasure, something I do every-time I have the chance.. that’s actually still not enough. Anyway, every time I land somewhere there my heart is full of joy.

Today I’d love to give you a little guide, or better just a little list to share my top 6 places, cafes and restaurant I enjoyed so much during my last stay in the maritime city of Hamburg, situated in the north of the country by the river Elbe. Hamburg it’s also called as “meine Perle” ( my pearl ) by it’s inhabitants, isn’t that cute?

You won’t probably know about the city just thanks to its famous harbor but totally for the Reeperbahn, the infamous street located in St. Pauli, the city’s major red-light district! But of course Hamburg is not just that, it has lots of places and corners to visit in which you can fully enjoy your time there!

PLANTEN UND BLOMEN  –  Marseiller Str. 7

If you’re looking for a calm and green space where to stroll for an afternoon, then do not hesitate to visit Planten un Blomen, one of the many many parks in the city. In the park you can visits its various kind of gardens, such as the Japanese one and the botanical garden of the university of Hamburg. If you are there during a hot summer day, you can also sit and enjoy an ice cold drink in one of their little bars.

SE7EN OCEANS  Ballindamm 40

A couple of drinks with a nice view is the perfect way to end your full day exploring the city. This place, that’s not just a bar but also a gourmet restaurant and a sushi bar. is located right next to the Binnenalster, the smallest but most central part of the artificial lake right in the center of the city! Then if you feel hungry you can always have some rolls, that’s what we had directly from their sushi bar.

HAMBURGER KUNSTHALLE  – Glockengießerwall 5

Being an art lover will totally lead you to visit the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The amazing place is near the Binnenalster and shows a variety of art pieces that goes from  old masters to contemporary art. Here you can also admire the most famous icon of the German Romanticism: the “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” (Hiker above the Sea of Fog) painted by Caspar David Friedrich in 1818.

THE COFFEE SHOP – Poststraße 6A


This café is such a cozy place. Went there on a Sunday for breakfast and enjoyed a cappuccino with blueberry muffins, while looking at one of the city’s beautiful canals.


Arrived in the city, dropped all the bags and this church was the first pit-stop of the sightseeing. Probably the most famous church in the city, and the reason is that it’s 132-meter high spire totally is a prominent feature of Hamburg’s skyline! You can have such a nice view of the city at 360°.

OTTO’S BURGER – Grindelhof 33

Eating a hamburger in Hamburg can’t go wrong! We went for lunch in this little pretty, almost boheme place that really makes amazing burgers and fries. In the summertime you can also enjoy your meal in they outside patio! Recommended!



Discovering new places where to eat is a joy for myself, I love eating and I love trying different types of cuisines. As you already know I love everything that’s Scandinavian, so a lunch at this Swedish Brasserie was necessary. Just looking at it through their website gave me that hygge feeling, so a good and cozy impression for its warm design and obviously also for their food offer.

Once you get there, the place really welcomes you with its candles and typical products on the shelves, making you feel like you are a little bit more in the North! Also, it is located in the central area of Porta Venezia, so easy to reach with a little talk from the really known Duomo square.

Their lunch offer is among different kind of dishes, and we decided to go for the salmon and meatballs that are such classics that you can never go wrong with them!

So if you are thinking about trying out new bistros in the city, I really suggest you to give it a try and I hope you’ll it as much as I did.



As you can imagine the food was delicious: from the aperitif to the dozens of little desserts ( I obviously went for the tiramisù, that’s one of my faves ever!).

How to gain weight feeling happy tho!

Boots from Zara / Jumpsuit from MaxMara / Scarf from MaxMara Weekend 

I love spending my Sunday on the couch, reading a book and basically relaxing but it’s also amazing to dress up nicely to meet up with friends to celebrate someone’s birthday. The latter is how this last Sunday went! We had a huge lunch/dinner in this cool villa that also has a big garden with sculptures, a pool and guess.. also a family of four deer! Luckily we got such an enjoyable and sunny day so we had a relaxing walk in the park, just to be able to continue to feast of course.

For the day I decided to pair my beloved jumpsuit with red boots ( similar here ) and a blazer with a slight 80’s mood! As always black is my main color even tough I am trying to bring more colors in my wardrobe!