The August edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is the largest fashion week among the Nordic regions, just ended. It is one of those I always enjoy and in which there is always some new designers that draw the attention the most. The nordic style is not really for everyone, but once you start to understand and enjoy it.. then it’s always source of big inspiration for the everyday attire choices.

Here below some of the runaways I enjoyed the most, in which floral patterns and both loose and voluminous structures seem to be the common points.


The sporty vibes, part of the essence of the brand, are being mixed with more romantic and vintage shapes that are currently sweeping the fashion world. Loved how the brand used the flower print in various shades from blue, green, purple to yellow and pink. Also, is all about check prints including prince of wales and gingham. Amazing. 



This is how I see myself strolling around the next year. Romantic and feminine with voluminous shapes, large puff sleeves and bell-shaped skirts in colored lace – lime, rose, baby blue and navy; or rose, white and yellow. A summer dream for sure. 



A runaway I totally loved, full of must-haves: from see-through shirts to dresses with flowing ruffles and ample sleeves, that gives a relaxed and laid back feeling. Totally inspired, as the designer herself said, to the fauna of Bali. 




The perfect catwalk for everyone who loves floral pattern, medium length shirts, the art of combining patterns and layers.. like me. Styling definitely played a vital role in getting that edgier and somehow retro message across the show. 




Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil by Nuxe 

Since buying it in the early spring months, this multifunctional dry oil created in 1991 by the French brand Nuxe, I am able to understand the hype around this product that can be found in every French girl’s medicine cabinet. As they always say. 

It is intended to work between body, face and hair. It’s packed with vitamin E and six different plant oils, including macadamia and St. John’s Wort. Important to note is that it is also silicone-free. One thing I really like about the oil, is totally its smell that reminds me of a mix between camellia and almond oil. You just need the littlest amount of product, both if you are using it on your air and on your skin, in which I’ve noticed the smell stays for such a long time.

A product that should be found in every girl’s medicine cabinet, not just in the French girls ones.




Tutia maxi dress from Horror Vacui / Floral bead-embellished drop clip-on earrings from Etro

Dainty georgette floral-print wrap skirt from Ganni / Golden plissé floral-print dress from Zimmermann

Floral patterns, floral embroideries, floral shapes. It is an ever-green that never fails to show up in each season. It’s all about embracing the joy and romance of spring, actually not just in those months but 365 days a year. Perhaps this is why the floral trend is one that just won’t go away.

The variety is huge. Printed mini-dresses like the plissé one from Zimmermann, that looks exactly like an April country side field with its little shy flowers and herbs. Or the wrap skirt from Ganni that plays with daisies, myosotis and poppies. 

One brand that’s going strong lately its Horror Vacui, a German brand based in Munchen, the capital city of Bavaria. It is inspired by vintage sleepwear and Liberty prints. Every style features thoughtful details that go from scalloped edges and delicate smocking to the intricate prints themselves. Flowers are some of the most used prints. Surely not easy-going but also surely a statement pieces that can be paired with white t-shirt and denim for every day looks.

This trend does not stop at clothing, as there’s always the entire universe of accessories. Silk scarves, purses and even earrings. You just have to choose. 



Blouse from Mango / Denim skirt from Monki / Bag from Mango / Sunglasses from Zara

After a long work week, having some time off lazely wandering through Milano is definitely something I need. Hot days means we can start to wear summerish looks combined with bare legs, like the one you can see in the pictures.

As said from Marc Jacobs ” There is never a wrong time for a polka dot “. He’s right, it is an evergreen that can never go wrong or become boring. It just gives you a retro vibe, like you’ve direclty come from the amazing 50’s. Micro or macro, colorful or mixed with different textures, designers usually go crazy. Look at Balenciaga or Blumarine with its polka dots and lace dresses, or even Carolina Herrera with teeny tiny white dots on amazing purple fabrics…and that’s just to name a few.  It can not even be considered as a trend, as it comes back every year in different shapes and forms but always about dots we are talking about. One of my faves, like in the blouse I wore, is polka dots in black & white. Mostly paired with denim in all different nuances.





From top to bottom, left to right:  KARL 24 in Rose Dust, ROMEO in Toy, FRED in Sunrise and DEVON in Suede Sage.

BOYY is an international brand launched in 2006 by designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman. You surely already saw this brand plenty of times, both on magazines and social media.. lots of amazing pics can be found mostly on Instagram! What gets me of all the BOYY bags is the well defined structure, the usage of different materials, such as the black suede lining that can be found in almost all their models, and also the statement frontal flap closure.

As the designer themselves say their philosophy “has always been that a women’s accessory should have a masculine feel, balancing out a woman’s femininity, sort of a yin-yang thing…” and that’s actually what makes them so cool and unique.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of adding one of them to my collection, its just so hard to choose among all the models and nuances offered!



From top to bottom: Ruched satin mules from Marco De Vincenzo / Stripes slingback from Zara / Crystal slingback from Mango 

Kitten hells can be loved or hated, there’s no in between. I have to say that, even tough iI didn’t actually consider this kind of heel in past years, I’ve found myself literally wanting to buy lots of them, they are classy but not too hard to walk in. Above I’ve selected three different pairs, from slingbacks to mules, that you can find in stores right now and that I would love to add in my closet.

Let’s chat a bit in the comment section: do you like them? do you already own a pair? and how would you wear them? Right now i’d go for a classic pair of blue jeans and white shirt …And if the weather won’t allow us to wear them barefoot, then wearing them with plain black socks or glittery socks is definitely an option!

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