Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil by Nuxe 

Since buying it in the early spring months, this multifunctional dry oil created in 1991 by the French brand Nuxe, I am able to understand the hype around this product that can be found in every French girl’s medicine cabinet. As they always say. 

It is intended to work between body, face and hair. It’s packed with vitamin E and six different plant oils, including macadamia and St. John’s Wort. Important to note is that it is also silicone-free. One thing I really like about the oil, is totally its smell that reminds me of a mix between camellia and almond oil. You just need the littlest amount of product, both if you are using it on your air and on your skin, in which I’ve noticed the smell stays for such a long time.

A product that should be found in every girl’s medicine cabinet, not just in the French girls ones.