Berlin, one of my favorite cities. One I would come back to every single month or even week if possible. A place that’s surely underestimated regarding to its beauty and enjoyability, that it’s totally there and can be found in every little corner. You just have to explore it to fully understand. You can’t help but feel like you’ve been there for quite a time even though you have just got off of a plane and just started to wander through the streets.

During my weekend there I took the change to try some of the restaurants and cafés that since quite I while arose my curiosity. Luckily I loved all of them.



Dudu –  Torstrasse 134

Dudu is quite a famous place in Berlin if you want to eat some sushi or asian food. You can find a very cool and varied crowd from all over Berlin ( with some tourists too ) coming there. It is not super upscale but it’s cool and, if you decide to sit and enjoy your food on the outside patio you are surrounded by plants and flowers.. that’s always a plus. The internal room is equally nice but much more minimal.

Went for some rolls and salmon sashimi. Fresh and delicious, you won’t be disappointed.



Cecconi’s Berlin – Torstrasse 1

Red leather couches and armchairs, an amazing black and white marble floor with shiny chandeliers and dark wooden tables with minimal setting. Cecconi’s is probably one of my favorite spot in town regarding the design and vibes given.  It is located inside the Berlin Soho House that you probably all already know, a members-only club for people in the creative industries, that need a membership to be fully frequented but the restaurant, together with the SPA in this house in Berlin, does not need it.

Cecconi’s originated in Venice so it serves hand-made pasta, seafood, and a variety of dishes from Northern Italy. Also the cooks were all Italian, so next time I will surely try to eat directly on the counter that faces the open plan chicken.. just to have a little chat.




What Do You Fancy Love? – Linienstraße 41

Went there during a rainy Sunday morning. Me and my friend were literally the first clients they had for the morning so we were able to enjoy the colorful place peacefully while watching the Berliners dealing with their walks in the not so good weather. So, at the end, the fact that we were unable to have our cappucinos on their sidewalks tables may have been not a so negative note.