From top to bottom, left to right:  KARL 24 in Rose Dust, ROMEO in Toy, FRED in Sunrise and DEVON in Suede Sage.

BOYY is an international brand launched in 2006 by designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman. You surely already saw this brand plenty of times, both on magazines and social media.. lots of amazing pics can be found mostly on Instagram! What gets me of all the BOYY bags is the well defined structure, the usage of different materials, such as the black suede lining that can be found in almost all their models, and also the statement frontal flap closure.

As the designer themselves say their philosophy “has always been that a women’s accessory should have a masculine feel, balancing out a woman’s femininity, sort of a yin-yang thing…” and that’s actually what makes them so cool and unique.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of adding one of them to my collection, its just so hard to choose among all the models and nuances offered!