Morgan heart-print silk long dress / Josephine floral-print silk long dress / Maria cherry-print cotton-blend dress / Nora floral-print silk slip dress 

Dresses inspired by vintage closets. Luxurious fabrics. Different prints, motifs and colors. Ginghams, cherries and flowers. Those are the key elements that makes HVN the brand it is. HVN is all about Harley Viera Newton: it’s owner, creator and one of the coolest women around. She lets her designs talk for her and what she loves… the outcome it’s amazing.



Dunnage 2 / Shawer 2 / Lund 2 / Everdeen 3 

Sunglasses have always been fundamental in my every-day looks, as they can be bold and eye-catching giving to the most simple white t-shirt and jeans combination a twist. Kaleos Eyehunters has definitely a huge selection of amazing eyewear that I would buy right away. thanks to the always present and well balanced mix of design, fashion and luxury.


Iris Mini Wrap Dress / Georgia Midi Skirt With Slits /  Twiggy Cowl Neck Mini Dress / Mila Halter Neck Bikini Top + Bora High Waisted Bikini Bottom 

Founded in 2015 by two alumni of the London College of Fashion, it reflects their deep appreciation of all the things that are vintage. It’s a brand that wants to “ shoot for the stars and has no plans of falling short “, that I quote directly from the owners. Stars, constellations and planets are also the main subjects of the ” Cosmic Costellation” collection. Smooth and classic lines define all their pieces: from dresses, skirts to blouses and swimwear … they offer the ideal vibes for this year’s summer getaways.


Young brick / Mia blush red brown / Mini Jhonny white blush 

Danse Lente, which means Slow Dance in French, is a handbags and small leather London based brand. Their vision is highly modern; structured bags with clear and geometrical lines. They offer a wide range of styles and colors, but their soft clear color ( together with the reds ) are the ones that immediately got my attention.