Where I would love to be right now!! 

Sonny is a cozy and welcoming café right in the center of Copenhagen. I’ve seen a lot of people posting about going there, so I was pretty curios to try it out… went there on a snowy morning and sat down in one of their comfy bench with check huge cushions. Ordered what can be considered as a typical danish breakfast, that consist in soft-boiled egg, rye bread, butter and cheese.. delish! Also went for a matcha Granola with yoghurt, apple compote and Aronia! All of this with a cappuccino that is always present during my breakfasts.

In the pics you can also see an espresso cake and sweet roiboos tea; all recommended.

Flowers and candles are everywhere in the place, so there’s a constant and relaxing hygge athmosphere there. It made me sit there enjoying my time. I get it why it is so well considered and popular, it is surely a place I will definitely spend more time once I’ll be back!