Playing chess, going skateboard, gardening, tasting coffee, laughing together during dinner and posing for a family portrait .. together. It’s what Adrien Brody, Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy, Adwoa Aboah, the Sorrenti family ( family of the commercial director )  and friends show us in the latest MANGO autumn winter campaign, while rocking the new collection. 

Coats and blazers in check or animalier prints, oversized chunky sweaters, wool and velvet for a metropolitan apparel that never go out of date.

The aim is clear, showing the importance of emotional bonds, of sharing the simple things in life and also of appreciating the environments that make a group of people “family”. Probably the easiest technique to raise good and positive thoughts on people, still hugely used to reach the various targets.

Tell me your thoughts on this.




“ This is the tale of Clarissa, and how she unexpectedly found the most powerful magic of all ”. 

That’s how Max Mara introduces us to the storytelling developed by the T Brand Studio for their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. From coats to knit caps, the Italian brand keeps on designing pieces characterized by clear shapes, monochromatic and high quality fabrics.

Clarissa, the main character of the tale, during one of her daily walks in the park is almost struck down by this woman called Morgana, described as “one of those women who takes themselves very very seriously, as they power through the street, phone in one hand and a massive coffee in the other”… so, to sum it up, a business lady who doesn’t even care to look at you for a second, if needed.

Needles to say, both of them are impeccably clothed head to toe with the brand’s new collection. Their iconic timeless coats are the main objects for sure.

Despite meeting frequently and being ignored daily, Clarissa keeps greeting her with “Have a nice day” and, as every respectable tale, it has an happy ending: one day Morgana starts to greet Clarissa back, smiling at her. As the narrator says, we always have to remember that “the treasures of the heart are the most powerful magic of all”.  Sweet isn’t it?

Moreover in this short film we have Anna Baryshnikov, daughter of the legendary dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, as the narrator.

Developing a storytelling like MaxMara did, it’s what helps a brand appeal to the emotions and prospects of customers, actual and potential. It’s now years that brands in all kind of industries understood that it is the most effective way to connect with the audience, to tell them a story that its closely connected to the brand’s products or services.

Its importance is purely based on the fact that people always remember a good story, we easily forget names and face. We forget what we learned in school. But we certainly don’t forget a good story.

A story can give personification and importance to something that could be compared to others.

So when I’ll come across a Max Mara boutique, seeing a mannequin dressed with one of their amazing coats will surely make me think about Clarissa, Morgana and their story.

Thumbs up.



It wasn’t until June 2016 that I first came to know the meaning of Personal Branding. I was just relaxing at the beach, scrolling through magazines when, on the Italian “Amica”, I read this article called “The Me Economy” in which, summarizing it, the author talked about the possibility of making money thanks to followers on social media.

That’s something that, despite being pretty clear to everyone, I‘ve never really thought of before. But then I started to google it, read about it and I discovered a new world that led me to the decision of making my graduation thesis on this topic.

I’ve had a lot of people asking: but what’s Personal Branding? the answer is easy: it’s how people brand themselves using the same kind of activities and strategies that brands as Adidas or Apple, just to name some of the most known, use to gain both followers and customers. As I said, everyone can develop a personal brand! Not just David Beckham or Lady Gaga: it doesn’t matter what you do for a living. You can be plumber or a youtuber and still have a strong brand based purely on yourself and your professional activity.

It’s not easy and it’s not fast. Building a strong reputation online and offline needs time and effort to make people think about you when they have a problem concerning your own field of interest, differentiating yourself from others.

That’s what Seth Godin, American entrepreneur and writer, wrote in his best selling books “Purple Cow”:  that’s all about transforming your business by being remarkable.

He makes us imagine to drive through a country road and see a purple cow. It would really be incredible and memorable, mostly because we are used to be surrounded by white, brown and black cows but clearly not purple. With this he wants us to understand how the key to success is purely based on an element or detail that’s memorable and part of the individual as well.

So, what do you think about the art of developing your own individual brand? not an easy path but surely rewarding after all the efforts.