The August edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is the largest fashion week among the Nordic regions, just ended. It is one of those I always enjoy and in which there is always some new designers that draw the attention the most. The nordic style is not really for everyone, but once you start to understand and enjoy it.. then it’s always source of big inspiration for the everyday attire choices.

Here below some of the runaways I enjoyed the most, in which floral patterns and both loose and voluminous structures seem to be the common points.


The sporty vibes, part of the essence of the brand, are being mixed with more romantic and vintage shapes that are currently sweeping the fashion world. Loved how the brand used the flower print in various shades from blue, green, purple to yellow and pink. Also, is all about check prints including prince of wales and gingham. Amazing. 



This is how I see myself strolling around the next year. Romantic and feminine with voluminous shapes, large puff sleeves and bell-shaped skirts in colored lace – lime, rose, baby blue and navy; or rose, white and yellow. A summer dream for sure. 



A runaway I totally loved, full of must-haves: from see-through shirts to dresses with flowing ruffles and ample sleeves, that gives a relaxed and laid back feeling. Totally inspired, as the designer herself said, to the fauna of Bali. 




The perfect catwalk for everyone who loves floral pattern, medium length shirts, the art of combining patterns and layers.. like me. Styling definitely played a vital role in getting that edgier and somehow retro message across the show.