Santa has been good this year! As you saw from the pics I’ve got the newest perfume launched by Gucci, that’s called Bloom. Just reading its name you can really get its floral vibes, in fact it has notes of jasmine, tuberose and rangoon creeper, that’s a Chinese honeysuckle. A mix that won me over since the first time I got to smell it, so you can understand who happy I was when I saw this! It’s not easy to describe, as it is different from every other floral perfumes I have ever tried, included the other Gucci’s; you have to smell it and then you’ll understand what I am talking about right now!

But it’s not just about the perfume itself, the packaging its also so nice and catchy. From the bottle that’s light pink with fine lines (it somehow makes me think of old perfumes containers with a twist of modernity) to the outside box that has an amazing red and white pattern with flowers, leaves, little branches and butterflies.

So thumbs of for Alessandro Michele’s first perfume with Gucci! Do you guys like it? let me know!