From top to bottom: Ruched satin mules from Marco De Vincenzo / Stripes slingback from Zara / Crystal slingback from Mango 

Kitten hells can be loved or hated, there’s no in between. I have to say that, even tough iI didn’t actually consider this kind of heel in past years, I’ve found myself literally wanting to buy lots of them, they are classy but not too hard to walk in. Above I’ve selected three different pairs, from slingbacks to mules, that you can find in stores right now and that I would love to add in my closet.

Let’s chat a bit in the comment section: do you like them? do you already own a pair? and how would you wear them? Right now i’d go for a classic pair of blue jeans and white shirt …And if the weather won’t allow us to wear them barefoot, then wearing them with plain black socks or glittery socks is definitely an option!