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It’s a fact you already know, I feel inspired by everything that’s Scandinavian. Fashion is no less interesting. As posted ( here here here and also here) the creations of brands based in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are always up-to-date and fun. Fabrics and patterns used are pretty often their key points. 

House of Dagmar is defintely interesting. 

Based in the Swedish capital, the brand was launched in the spring of 2005 by three sisters, Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam, to carry forward the legacy of their fashionable tailor grandmother, from who was inspired its name: Dagmar. Their aim is to keep alive the sense of quality and ambition that was so dear to her and that can help in the process of establishing a timeless offer in the industry. 

The brand has now become a cult thanks to its sporty and vaguely eccentric feel. It creates sustainable ( sustainability is in fact fundamental for the owners ) and expressive collections with knitwear at the very core. Each garment shows Dagmar’s design language, giving the pieces a strong personality, and therefore continuing to be wearable,year after year.