Located 40 kms north of Copenhagen (just about 45 minutes by train) in the city of Humlebaek, the Luisiana Museum of Modern Art is set in an amazing location that looks directly at the Øresund, the stretch of water that separates Denmark from Sweden. It’s a very peaceful place where everything’s connected: the buildings to the landscape and to the hundreds of art pieces.

Founded by Knud Jensen in 1958 owes it’s name, Louisiana, to the original owner Alexander Brun’s three wives. They were all called Louise. Don’t you think that’s a funny coincidence?

As I was making researches for what to visit while being in the danish capital, one of the things that everyone kept recommending was this place. I spent a whole afternoon there and I can say that it’s definitely one of those places that should be top of your list when you visit Copenhagen.

Louisiana has an extensive permanent collections that include the Giacometti Gallery, Asger Jorn’s work, Warhol pieces and the amazing installation Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama. This last installation is really an amazing experience that makes you get into an amazing world made of lights and shadows.

Until the 27th of May you can also admire an extensive collection made of160 pieces from Picasso’s original ceramics that represents a late, fortunate and highly imaginative part of his work. I was also lucky to see the The way I think collection by Georg Condo. An amazing mix of input from artists such as Velazquez, Manet and Picasso, together with elements of American Pop Art.

A must-see that you cannot miss!

A place I will gladly come back to, maybe in the summer time, to enjoy its amazing gardens even more.