Back on mothers day, on May 14th, I was lucky enough to be chosen between twenty lucky Facebook users who each won one of the Magicstripes‘s “Magic box” that includes all of their seven masks and their eyelid lifiting patches.

I’ve already tested a couple of their masks, like the hyaluronic intensive treatment mask, which I’ve tried after a long day at the beach – and voilà me and my skin felt much better afterwards.

The other week I felt like my skin needed some extra love, so I’ve settled down for the Magnetic Youth Mask, which I believe is still their last addiction to the family.

It’s a one piece mask, really easy to apply. As soon as it’s settled on your skin it does feel soft and does not cause itchiness, as it says in their website its “skin-friendly”. It’s quite easy to walk around with it even because this one dries quite fast on your skin so at the end of the thirty minutes it will be almost fully dried. I generally opt for a relaxing half an hour with a cup of tea and some TV shows.

After thirty minutes it’s time to remove the mask and believe me, your face feels really healthy, refreshed, moisturized and soft. You can totally feel and see the difference! Furthermore there is a lot of extra liquid from the mask in the package, which I do use after I’ve applied the mask itself rubbing it over my face and chest area.

You can also check my Instagram picture, in which I’m posing with it on 😉

As I suspected this product is amazing. Totally recommended. And as I have a couple of other products from Magicstripes to try,  let me know if you want to have other reviews in the comment section below!


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